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2009 exit polls

From NBC's Domenico Montanaro
If you're looking for the full 2009 exit polls, here they are:

And here's a compilation of some of what we've written over the past few days going inside these numbers.

As we wrote in First Thoughts yesterday: The election provided some clear warning signs for the president and the Democrats. Per the exits, 60% in New Jersey and 56% in Virginia said Obama wasn't a factor in their vote. Moreover, Obama's approval in Jersey was 57%, matching the percentage he won in the state in 2008. And Obama's approval in VA was 48%, down from the 53% he won in the state in 2008. But here are the warning signs: Christie won independent voters in New Jersey by 30 points (60%-30%) after Obama won them 51%-47% last year. And in Virginia, McDonnell won indies by 33 points (66%-33%) after Obama won them 49%-48% last year. Understanding why campaigns win or lose is sometimes a simple thing -- it's about the middle, it's about independents. Indeed, it's one of the oldest rules of politics.

Video: Chuck Todd's Nightly News spot on the economic worries in 2009 election

Chuck's broader TODAY show spot  

Obama's Base Is No Longer Fired Up And Ready To Go: While last night wasn't a referendum on Obama, Creigh Deeds probably wishes it was; he might have performed better. According to the exit polls, just 10% of the voters in Virginia were under the age of 30, down from 21% last year. What's more, McDonnell won 18-29 year olds, 54%-44%. Also in Virginia yesterday, African Americans made up 16% of the vote, down from 20% last year. And then there's this: 51% of yesterday's voters in Virginia said they voted for McCain, while just 43% said they voted for Obama. Folks, Obama won this state last year by a nearly 53%-46% margin.

The other warning sign is with people who are worried about the nation's economic direction. In New Jersey, 90% said they are worried, and Christie leads with these folks by three points, 48%-45%. In Virginia, 84% say they are worried about the nation's direction, and McDonnell leads among these people by 17 points, 58%-41%.

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