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The warning signs for Dems

From NBC's Mark Murray
While the exit polls suggest that tonight's New Jersey and Virginia contests aren't a referendum on President Obama, they do point to some warning signs for the White House and the Democratic Party.

The first warning sign is withs independent voters. In New Jersey, Christie leads Corzine here by 25 points, 58%-33%. And in Virginia, McDonnell leads among indies by an identical 25 points, 62%-37%. As Domenico pointed out below, Obama won indies in Virginia last year by one point, 49%-48%.

The other warning sign is with people who are worried about the nation's direction. In New Jersey, 90% said they are worried, and Christie leads with these folks by three points, 48%-45%. In Virginia, 84% say they are worried about the nation's direction, and McDonnell leads among these people by 17 points, 58%-41%.