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Pelosi: 'We won'

From NBC's Madeline Rullo
At House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's weekly briefing today, she commented on last night's elections, simply stating, "We won last night."

Question: "Madame speaker, Madame speaker, do the election results last night -- do they make it harder for you to pass health care, especially to get the support from members in these swing districts?"

Pelosi's answer: "From my perspective, we won last night. We had one race that we were engaged in -- it was in northern New York. It was a race where a Republican has held a seat since the Civil War, and we won that seat. So from our standpoint, no. We had a candidate that was victorious who supports the health-care reform... So from our standpoint, we picked up voted last night, one in California [CA-10] and one in New York."