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Wrapping up last night's ballot measures

From NBC's Kelly Paice
More happened yesterday than just two gubernatorial races and a special congressional election -- key ballot initiatives were voted on across the nation.

To name a few, in Maine, voters repealed the state's law allowing same-sex marriage, a law that was signed by Gov. John Baldacci (D) only six months ago. According to the AP, the repeal passed by a 53%-47% margin. Also, a measure in Washington state that would expand rights and responsibilities to those in same-sex domestic partnerships is ahead 51%-49%, with 50% of precincts counted.

Cha-ching! Ohio voters called for the building of four casinos across the state -- in Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, and Toledo.
Moreover, voters in Washington state rejected a ballot measure that would have regulated state and local tax revenue. Maine residents also rejected such a "Taxpayer Bill of Rights" initiative.
However, Maine did pass a referendum on making medical marijuana dispensaries legal. Maine is the fifth state -- following California, Colorado, New Mexico, and Rhode Island -- to allow the sale of medical marijuana legal at certain locations, according to AP.