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Close races in New York

From NBC's Domenico Montanaro and Chuck Todd
There are a couple of close races in New York -- unexpectedly so in New York City, where Mike Bloomberg is barely hanging on, despite spending a record $85 million-plus on his race, gerrymandering a third term and most public polling showed Bloomberg up double-digits.

With 94% in, Bloomberg was up just 50%-46%.

Best our election team can tell, Bloomberg SHOULD hang on as there is more of Queens out than any other part of the city. And for the record, NBC News has NOT called the race for Bloomberg; We reported the call of exit pollster, EMR. They pulled their call.

In NY-23, Democrat Bill Owens was up 49-46 with 59% in.

*** UPDATE *** At 10:47 pm ET, NBC called the NYC race for Bloomberg.

*** UPDATE 2 *** In NY-23, The voting is going very slowly with a few towns reporting issues with ballot machines meaning those votes may not be counted for quite awhile.

*** UPDATE 3 *** NY-23: 77% in, Owens still up -- 49-45 now