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Dem wins in NY-23

From NBC's Domenico Montanaro
Democrat Bill Owens defeated Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman in New York's 23rd congressional district special election, 49%-45% (with 92% of the voting in), becoming the first Democrat to control the district since at least the 1890s.

The results came in overnight and was finally called around 1:00 am ET.

It was something of an upset after it was widely considered a likely victory for Hoffman after the Republican pick, Dede Scozzafava, dropped out of the race over the weekend. Scozzafava did, however, endorse Owens -- though it was unclear what effect that would have.

It's a victory also for the DCCC, which has now won two competitive special elections in once-traditionally conservative Upstate New York since Obama has become president.

Republicans now control just two of 29 districts in New York State -- one Upstate and one in Long Island. They have lost six districts Upstate just since 2006. They control zero seats in all of New England.