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GOP picks Joe Wilson to escort Merkel

From NBC's Kelly O'Donnell and Mark Murray
The House and Senate are together this morning in the House chamber for a joint session, as German Chancellor Angela Merkel addresses Congress. 

Note that South Carolina Rep. Joe Wilson (R) -- who yelled "You lie" at President Obama during the last joint session -- will be an escort for Merkel. Wilson was selected by the GOP leadership.

Said Wilson in a statement:

I'm honored to be chosen by Republican Leader Boehner and other Congressional leaders to escort German Chancellor Angela Merkel to the Joint Session of Congress. This honor is particularly special to me because I admire Chancellor Merkel's capable and strong leadership for the German people and the world community.

Chancellor Merkel grew up under the communism of East Germany and now she assumes the post of chancellor of the unified Germany. I'm confident she will continue to inspire and lead towards greater prosperity with conservative principles.

I also appreciate the investment Germany has made in South Carolina with BMW's economic contribution.