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Congress: Pelosi's bill to hit floor

"Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is poised to send a [health-care] bill to the floor Monday in its final form, setting up a vote as early as Thursday," The Hill writes. "The three-day delay is not for amendments and not even for debate; Thursday is the earliest Pelosi could hold a vote and keep her pledge to allow members and the public three days to study the final legislation."

The Washington Post says that, in the Senate, the energy/climate bill emerges for committee debate tomorrow. But the prospects for passage in the Senate look grim, given misgivings from some Democrats. "The measure has deeply divided Democrats. With states in the Midwest, South and Rocky Mountain West dependent on fossil fuels for energy, many senators are worried about the legislation's impact on industry and consumers… So Democratic leaders, with the support of the Obama administration, are trying to sway at least half a dozen Republicans by offering amendments to speed along their top priority: building nuclear power plants."