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Dems try to boost Daggett in robocalls

From NBC's Domenico Montanaro
In New Jersey, the state Democratic party appears to be running robocalls targeting Republican base voters, bashing Chris Christie (R) and urging them to "Remember Chris Daggett's words: 'It's never wrong to vote for the right person.'"

That's a line, by the way, that Daggett (I) likes to use.

You can here the audio here in an article by the Star-Ledger, the New Jersey paper that first reported the story.

Daggett's campaign has said a lot about the frustration of New Jersey voters. And about just what an impact he's had -- albeit inconsistent. As Daggett's numbers started to rise, Christie's started to drop, and the Republican Governors Association took notice.

: N.J. Gov. Jon Corzine and Republican Chris Christie are darting through the state, in a final push for votes in a race that's too close to call.

It started running ads against Daggett, his negatives started going up and Christie started pulling back into the lead or at least closer in most polls. When all the votes are counted Tuesday, if Christie pulls it off, the RGA certainly deserves some credit here.

Democrats are noticing the dropoff and that voters who were inclined to Christie are starting to go back to him, and are now trying to figure out a way to stop the flow.

Again, Daggett won't win here, but his impact will be something political observers will have to factor in when talking about this race. Of course, Jon Corzine's (D) camp acts like Daggett doesn't even exist, and that his candidacy (and Christie's floundering) have nothing to do with the fact that their candidate even has a shot.