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2010: A New England comeback?

With all the talk of GOP primaries, New England GOP moderates are trying for a comeback. "New England's moderate Republicans, shoved out of power by two Democratic waves of anti-George W. Bush fervor, are scrambling to make a 2010 comeback, making early bids for congressional seats that GOP leaders say are critical to taking back majorities in the House and Senate," the Boston Globe writes, noting races in New Hampshire, Connecticut, Upstate New York, Delaware and Pennsylvania.

NEVADA: Harry Reid is not only boosting his standing among Nevada liberals because of the public option inclusion… The Hill notices some "other less-noticed actions" that "have also earned him praise among home-state liberals." For example, "Reid has championed the repeal of the military's 'don't ask, don't tell' policy, which many liberals view as unacceptable discrimination against gay soldiers. In late September, Reid pressed President Barack Obama in a letter to weigh in on the issue. A few weeks ago, Reid, a Mormon, criticized the Mormon Church for backing a California ballot measure banning same-sex marriage. Earlier in the year, Reid's battle against coal-fired power plants in Nevada bore fruit when NV Energy, Inc. announced that it would postpone construction on a major plant in the eastern part of the state."