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House Dems do healthcare math

From NBC's Chuck Todd
House Democrats are trying to fight back against Republicans on the "numbers" front when it comes to their just released health care bill. As many folks know, the cost per page and the number of  pages have been used as sledgehammers by Republicans to hit the bill.

So House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn's office passes along this numerical breakdown:

-- It has been 80 days from when the House bill was first introduced. The public has been able to view the bill and extensive information about it online the entire time.

-- It has been 126 days since the House discussion draft was first made available online.

-- There have been 100 hearings on health reform in the past two years, including 8 since the discussion draft was released.

-- There have been over 81 hours of Committee markups on the bill, over 86 hours of hearings, and over 203 hours of Democratic Caucuses.

-- Republicans have had ample opportunity to debate the bill and offer amendments – and they have. During the markups, 129 amendments were offered by Republicans and 23 were passed.

-- Democrats have promised that the reintroduced bill will be publicly available for 72 hours before the House votes.

-- Democrats have held roughly 3,000 public events on health reform this year, including almost 2,000 between August and now.

It does say a lot about this health care debate that the back-n-forth in the House right now isn't about policy but about everything BUT.