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Palin hearts the RGA

From NBC's Domenico Montanaro
Sarah Palin is weighing in again from her perch as conservative sage, urging voters to support Chris Christie in New Jersey, Bob McDonnell in Virginia and... the Republican Governors Association.

"Like other independent Americans, I don't always see eye-to-eye with Republican political committees, so when I tell you that the Republican Governors Association has my complete support and confidence in its campaign efforts back East, know that I really mean it," Palin wrote. "The RGA is helping lead the conservative comeback beginning this year, and its involvement in the East Coast races is significant. I hope you'll support these efforts, which are vital to the cause for America's freedom and prosperity."

By the way, the former Alaska governor apparently penned the 589-word Facebook "Note" from a freshmen girls basketball game.

Boring game? No. She was "struck by the sight of America's future right in front of me -- these tenacious young women full of energy and intensity. I want them to realize every opportunity this great, free nation can provide. ... The young student athletes I'm watching right now are counting on us to do the right thing -- to fight for what is right for America today and into their future. Electing candidates with common sense and respect for freedom is one way we can fight for what is right."

Still, it couldn't have been THAT great a game if she's writing this from there. Nonetheless, the RGA isn't complaining. Think there'll be a spike in contributions in their next FEC report, coinciding with Oct. 27th.