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NRSC calls on Obama to list donors

From NBC's Mark Murray
In advance of President Obama's fundraiser for Sen. Chris Dodd (D) later today, the National Republican Senatorial Committee is calling on Obama and Dodd to release the list of donors who will be attending the fundraising event.

"As you know, Obama made two key promises as a candidate -- transparency and that he wouldn't take lobbyist money or attend a fundraiser where lobbyists were donating money," NRSC spokesman Brian Walsh emails First Read. "So seems to us that they shouldn't have any objection to releasing the names of those attending today's fundraiser to make clear he is abiding by those pledges."

When we asked Walsh if Obama and Dodd oblige, would the NRSC begin releasing their own lists, as well as ban lobbyist money like Obama does, he replied: "We've made no such pledge/promise on the lobbyist money front, and neither has the DSCC for that matter. In contrast, Obama has said repeatedly that not only would he not accept lobbyist money but that he wouldn't attend fundraisers where lobbyists were giving money."