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Obama agenda: On the stump


President Obama campaigned for Democratic nominee Jon Corzine yesterday "to excite the moribund Democratic base" as the tight race between Corzine and Republican Chris Christie in New Jersey heads into the home stretch. The president related the problems of the state to those of the rest of the country, seemingly to empathize with voters and to explain that the state's high property tax and other economic woes are not all products of Jon Corzine being governor. "To listen to his opponent, you'd think New Jersey was the only state in America facing layoffs," Obama said. "It's not just Teaneck that's been going through tough times. It's not just New Jersey that's been going tough times. This whole country has been going through hard times." 
"I know folks are hurting," Obama said. "But I also know this - for the past four years you've had an honorable man at the helm of this state, during one of the most difficult periods in its history." The New York Daily News: "The President's acknowledgment of hard times -- in a state with the highest property taxes in the nation and the worst unemployment in the Northeast -- was quickly seized upon by Corzine's Republican opponent, Chris Christie. 'The president is right, these are awful times in New Jersey,' the former U.S. Attorney told CNN. 'I just think Jon Corzine is not the solution.'"

Meanwhile… "In sharp contrast to how he got elected, President Barack Obama is bashing Republicans this week while urging Democrats to unite behind his effort to reform the nation's healthcare system," The Hill writes. "Months after some Democrats on and off Capitol Hill were suggesting that healthcare reform could attract 70 to 80 votes in the Senate, Obama and congressional leaders are focused on uniting their party and picking up, at most, a couple GOP defectors to help clear the 60-vote hurdle in the upper chamber. Obama's recent plea for Democratic cohesion is reminiscent of his post-primary speech, in which he and vanquished rival Hillary Rodham Clinton stood together in Unity, N.H., in July 2008." The administration apparently believes "a bill could be ready in the Senate by Friday or Monday."

PoliticsDaily checks in on the battle two GOP senators are waging a battle to get a question on the census that would ask folks whether they are here illegally. (Just curious: If someone's here illegally, do we really think they'll tell a census taker?)

Finally, the Brody File reports on some issues social conservatives have with Obama's nominee to be a member of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The issues social conservative activists have about her have to do with various comments and positions she has on gay rights issues.