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GOP watch: Re-energizing the base

— "Sensing that Democrats have regained momentum on healthcare reform, Republicans are taking steps to re-energize critics who loudly voiced their opposition this summer," The Hill writes, adding, "With floor votes looming, Republicans on both sides of the Capitol are criticizing what they call tax increases in the pending healthcare bills." And they're criticizing polling shown favoring a public option. 
Bernard Kerik apparently lobbied for a pardon from former President George W. Bush. 
More Palin news: "When the failed vice presidential candidate's memoir hits shelves Nov. 17, it will have some competition from a lookalike tome that spoofs the title of her book. 'Going Rouge: An American Nightmare' bears a striking resemblance to Palin's book, 'Going Rogue: An American Life.' Both feature the photogenic politician in red, but the spoof has her against a backdrop of black thunder clouds and lightning, instead of the image of a blue sky scattered with clouds on the ex-governor's book." The spoof is created by the editors of the liberal magazine The Nation.