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HRC: 'We want to see concrete actions'

From NBC's Libby Leist
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told reporters she has spoken to U.S. negotiator Bill Burns to get a readout of the P5+1 talks and the bilateral U.S.-Iran meeting on the sidelines. Burns told Clinton that a number of issues were put on the table. Clinton said, "Now, we have to wait and see how quickly and whether Iran responds."

She called the day "productive," but added, "We want to see concrete actions AND positive results, and I think today's meeting opened the door, but let's see what happens."

Also at the press availability with the Vietnamese foreign minister, Clinton was asked about the Afghanistan meeting at the White House yesterday and whether the meeting changed her opinion at all about the Afghanistan war.

Clinton would not bite at all. She said rather abruptly, "We are in the middle of a process that is very rigorous and focused on answering those questions, and I think I'll wait til that process is over."