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2009/2010: Bennett vs. Romanoff

COLORADO: The New York Times parachutes into the Bennet-Romanoff Senate primary. "Republicans see the Democratic primary as a lucky break in a state where they badly need one. There are three top Republican candidates: former Lt. Gov. Jane Norton; Ken Buck, a district attorney from Weld County; and Ryan Frazier, a city councilman from Aurora."

NEW JERSEY: PolitickerNJ writes that "a new Quinnipiac University poll shows Republican Christopher Christie with a four-point lead over Democrat Jon Corzine, 43%-39%, among likely voters." On the issue of personal integrity, voters are "split: 44%-45% on whether Corzine is honest and trustworthy, and 37%-36% on Christie."

The New York Times looks at one of Republican gubernatorial nominee Chris Christie's non-political hobbies: going to Springsteen concerts.

VIRGINIA: In the wake of the news about Bob McDonnell's controversial thesis, the Washington Post writes that the race for Virginia governor has increasingly turned into a battle for the female vote. "On Tuesday, Deeds launched a TV ad attacking McDonnell's views on working women, citing the Republican's 20-year-old graduate school thesis, in which he says working women are 'detrimental to the family.' Over the weekend, the Deeds campaign started a series of Oprah-style book clubs to bring women together to talk about the thesis and other aspects of the race."

"McDonnell is airing a spot featuring his eldest daughter, Jeanine, an Iraq war veteran whom he often mentions as an example of his support for working women. His wife, Maureen, appeared on the campaign trail Saturday to defend his attitudes toward women, and his pink 'Women for McDonnell' T-shirts, signs and bumper stickers have become ubiquitous at his events."

The only question we have: Can Deeds make the entire end of his campaign about this issue and this alone? If Deeds wins, then we know the answer. But if McDonnell wins, the criticism against Deeds will be that he relied too much on this thesis hit.