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Steele criticizes Obama on focus, taxes

From NBC's Bobby Cervantes
RNC Chairman Michael Steele said today that President Obama has failed to give an answer to one important question: "What's the focus?"
In a conference call with reporters, Steele argued that the president has neglected his promise to create jobs and stimulate the economy -- and has instead jumped from health care and cap-and-trade, to his Olympic pitch in Copenhagen.
"I think the president needs to, along with members of Congress, tell the American people what their focus is going to be going into the fall and next year," Steele said. "In all of this, what's lost is what matters to the American people."
Also in the conference call, Steele hit what he said were the president's health-care "taxes," saying that taxing people who can't afford to buy a health-care plan during a recession is simply bad economics. (Steele here is referring to emerging plans to fine those who don't have insurance; all the health legislation moving through Congress would provide low-income Americans with subsidies to purchase health insurance.)
Calling the president's upcoming trip to Copenhagen meant to boost Chicago's chances of hosting the 2016 Summer Games a "noble idea," Steele refused to answer if he thought it was a mistake, saying instead that it's "in the eye of the beholder."
"If it's [health care] that important, Mr. President, then stay home and get it done," he said.