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Paterson's wife cites race, blindness

From NBC's Mark Murray
Well, it looks like New York Gov. David Paterson (D) and Co. aren't going down without a fight.

His wife, Michelle, gave an interview to the New York Post, in which she argued that it's "very unfair" for the White House to encourage "the first African-American" governor of the state not to run in 2010.

"David's the first African-American governor in the state of New York and he's being asked to get out of the race. It's very unusual and it seems very unfair," she said. "I never heard of a president asking a governor not to run ... so I thought it was very unusual that this would be asked of David and I don't think it's right."

Of course, it might not be that unusual if you've seen Paterson's poll numbers lately. But the governor's wife also had an explanation for that. In an interview with WNBC's Melissa Russo, she said that Paterson's low numbers were due, in part, to his blindness.

From Russo:

In a passionate defense of her husband, New York's first lady, Michelle Paterson, tells News 4 it's wrong for the White House to get involved in a local race. She admits there have been some very disappointing times recently where it seemed her husband might not be able to survive politically. But she said he's "a fighter" who is staying in the race. Mrs. Paterson says she believes David's blindness is contributing to his low poll numbers.