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GOP watch: Palin hits Fed, Obama

"Former Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin used her first trip to Asia to attack the Federal Reserve for creating asset bubbles and encouraging excessive risk-taking that hurt working-class Americans," Bloomberg News says. "In a wide-ranging, 80-minute speech to fund managers in Hong Kong today, Palin spoke about issues ranging from Alaskan fishing to energy independence to U.S.-Sino ties. She repeated calls for 'market-oriented' health-care reform and said governments shouldn't regulate executive compensation."
More: "The Fed and the government sent a message to companies that 'the bigger that you are, the more problems that you get yourself into, the more likely the government is to bail you out,' Palin said in the closed door speech, according to a tape of the event given to Bloomberg News. 'Of course the little guys are left out then. We're left holding the bag, all the moms and pops all over America.'"

Palin also criticized Obama's decision to impose duties on Chinese tires, but had some harsh words for China: "We simply cannot turn a blind eye to China's policies and actions that could undermine international peace and security. China has some 1,000 missiles aimed at Taiwan and no serious observer believes that it poses a military threat to Beijing," she said. "Those same Chinese forces made our friends in Japan and Australia kinda nervous. China provides support for some of the most questionable regimes from Sudan to Burma to Zimbabwe." Palin said her comments did not show any hostility towards China. "We simply want them to rise responsibly," she said. 

Politico's Smith says former McCain campaign foreign policy adviser Randy Scheunemann advised Palin on her speech and was with her in Hong Kong. 
"House Minority Whip Eric Cantor thinks House Speaker Nancy Pelosi 'is in another world' if she believes raucous anti-health-reform demonstrations could lead to violence -- and he says he hasn't personally witnessed racist comments during a summer of passionate town hall demonstrations," Politico writes. And Cantor, who is Jewish, said on the day Obama met with Netanyahu and Abbas that he doesn't think Obama is a "true friend" of Israel. He also lamented that Obama wasn't coordinating strategy on Afghanistan with Congressional Republicans, who Cantor said are key to overcoming Democratic hurdles."

After his "Wild Thing" performance on Dancing with the Stars, Tom DeLay Tweeted: "Last night was so much fun! The adrenalin [sic] started pumping and the crowd got into it which was so exciting. And Cheryl was fantastic #dwts"