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VA GOPers get Joe Wilson's help

From NBC's Mark Murray
We missed this story yesterday, due in our part to our NBC/WSJ poll, but South Carolina GOP Rep. Joe Wilson -- of "You lie" fame -- is helping Virginia Republicans raise money. 

In an email solicitation yesterday for Republicans in Virginia's House of Delegates, Wilson writes:

In the last two weeks, I have learned what it's like to be the No. 1 target of liberal Democrats across the nation. After the President's address to Congress, liberal activists and bloggers raised over one million dollars for my opponent—in an election that's over a year away.

Virginia House Speaker Bill Howell knows what it's like to be a target too. Virginia is one of only two states with an election this year—in just a month and a half—so he and his House Republican colleagues need your help today.

Virginia's Democratic Party released this statement in response: "It's a disgrace that Virginia House Republicans thought it was appropriate to recruit a recently admonished Congressman to help them raise money. House Republicans' endorsement of Joe Wilson's disrespectful behavior will not only be rejected by voters, but their divisive political tactics and lack of civility have no place in our Commonwealth.

More: "I hope the Speaker recognizes his error in judgment and returns the money raised by this email, and if I were a candidate on the Republican ticket, I'd ask for him to give it back as well."