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Hoyer wants McChrystal to testify

From NBC's Luke Russert
In his weekly pen-and-pad session with Capitol Hill reporters, Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) echoed the recent demands of Republican leaders that Afghanistan Commander Gen. Stanley McChrystal, testify before the House and Senate on the current strategy in the war-torn nation.

NBC News asked: "Last week, Mr. Boehner said Gen. McChrystal should come to the Congress to testify about Afghanistan, in wake of yesterdays leaked report that Mr. Woodward published in the Washington Post, John McCain also called for Gen. McChrystal to come testify before Congress immediately, do you think Gen. McChrystal should come here sooner rather than later to talk about what the Afghanistan policy and what the main objective is?"

Hoyer replied: "You know, I think the answer to that is yes. Let me caveat it with you said immediately, I don't know that I think it is necessarily immediately, that means next week so I don't know what McCain meant by immediately, maybe that was your phrase not his."

McCain was quoted in Politico as saying McChrystal should "immediately" testify in front of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Hoyer went on to describe top Iraq Commander Gen. Petraeus' testimony about the surge strategy in Iraq last year as being a valuable piece of information for members of Congress and alluded that the same from McChrystal would be useful.

"I think it would be useful at some point in time for Gen. McChrystal to share with the Congress both the Senate and the House his views and his proposals and his sense of the success that changing strategies would have," he said.