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NBC/WSJ poll: Is Obama overexposed?

From NBC's Mark Murray
With President Obama appearing on five Sunday-morning news programs and with him sitting down with David Letterman last night, the political chattering class has asked this question: Is Obama overexposed?

According to a new NBC/WSJ poll, the answer is mostly no -- although it depends on whether you're a Democrat or Republican.

In the poll, 34% say they see and hear Obama too much, 9% say they see/hear him too little, and 54% say it's the right amount. 

Among McCain voters, however, 63% say they're seeing too much of the president. That's compared with only 8% of Obama voters who say that.

Among independents, 52% say Obama's exposure is the right amount, versus 40% who say it's too much.

The NBC/WSJ poll was conducted Sept. 17-20, and this question has a margin of error of plus-minus 4.4%. The rest of the poll will be released -- beginning at 6:30 pm ET -- on NBC Nightly News and on MSNBC.com.