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NBC/WSJ: Obama health #s inch up

From NBC's Mark Murray
Here's another tease of our new NBC/WSJ poll: According to the poll, the president's health-care numbers have slightly increased, although that increase remains within the margin of error. Thirty-nine percent believe Obama's health-care plan is a good idea, which is up three points since August. Forty-one percent say it's a bad idea.

In addition, 45% approve of Obama's handling of health care, while 46% disapprove, which is up from his 41%-47% score last month. By comparison, just 21% approve of the Republican Party's handling of the issue.

And who will get blamed if health care doesn't get passed this year? Per the poll, 10% say Obama, 16% say congressional Democrats, and 37% say congressional Republicans.

The poll was conducted Sept. 17-20 and has an overall margin of error of plus-minus 3.1%. The full poll comes out beginning at 6:30 pm ET.