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2009/2010: When Rahm is chief of staff

After reporting how the White House is working to encourage New York Gov. David Paterson (D) not to run for election in 2010, the New York Times takes a front-page look at Team Obama's involvement in races across the country. "While some party officials applaud the White House for its efforts — there is widespread concern among Democrats that the party could suffer if Mr. Paterson runs — the actions are drawing alarm from some Democrats who believe they cross a line and run contrary to Mr. Obama's often-stated pledge to rise above partisan battles."

In addition to urging Paterson to bow out, the Washington Post lists other ways in which the Obama White House has exercised its political muscles. "Earlier this month, Obama reached out to former Virginia governor L. Douglas Wilder (D) to ask him to endorse the state's Democratic gubernatorial candidate, R. Creigh Deeds, after Wilder publicly praised the Republican nominee, Robert F. McDonnell. 'I'll just say he called and made his position known,' Wilder said in an interview Monday."

"Deputy White House Chief of Staff Jim Messina, meanwhile, has been bird-dogging the Massachusetts legislature, trying to persuade lawmakers to pass a bill allowing the Democratic governor to pick an interim successor to the late senator Edward M. Kennedy, a move that could be vital to the prospects of Obama's health-care overhaul in Congress."

MASSACHUSETTS: The Boston Globe editorial page comes out in favor of former Gov. Michael Dukakis as the temporary replacement.

NEW JERSEY: Republican gubernatorial candidate Chris Christie is calling for Democratic opponent Jon Corzine "to release all documents related to a forensic review of a hedge fund that Gov. Jon Corzine invested that was conducted last year by the state Attorney General's office." Corzine is an investor in TPG-Axon, which Republicans say is directly related to Texas Pacific Group, a fund that "has ownership in four NJ casinos." Christie's camp says Corzine's connection to the group violates state law, which prohibits the governor and other elected officials from having financial ties to casinos. "Governor Corzine does not own casino stock. None of his investments are managed by anyone who has a casino license. He can't profit one penny from the casino business because his investments are not connected to it in any way," Corzine spokesman Sean Darcy said.

NEW YORK: Check out the blind quotes from key black leaders in today's New York Times. While inartfully done as far as the media is concerned, the White House's stance on Paterson may be having the desired effect. "'The leadership in the black community has moved to the point where they think it may be hard for David to get re-elected,' said one person with knowledge of the meeting. 'If the president of the United States says that "I think this is probably going to be tough for you and maybe not in everyone's best interest," that's when people stop and say, "How do we deal with this?"'"

VIRGINIA: Gubernatorial nominees Bob McDonnell (R) and Creigh Deeds (D) both hosted fundraisers last night -- McDonnell at the offices of the American Gas Association, which former Massachusetts governor and "possible presidential hopeful" Mitt Romney was also scheduled to attend. The DNC responded to Romney's appearance with McDonnell: "I suppose if Mitt Romney's trying to burnish his right wing credentials to make up for the credibility gap with his party's base that his serial flip-flopping has earned him, embracing a candidate so extreme that he believes that women shouldn't work outside the home, victims of rape and incest should be denied medical options, and even married adults should not have access to contraception, is a good way to go," DNC Press Secretary Hari Sevugan said. Deeds' was at the Richmond home of Harry Watkins and Arvat McClain, who run a counseling and mentoring service and "helped found the Nubian Village Academy, an African-themed private school."