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GOP watch: Huck wins straw poll

Huckabee won the Value Voters straw poll. He got about 28%. Romney, Palin, and Mike Pence followed, all getting some 12%. The results:

1. Mike Huckabee 170 28.48%
2. Mitt Romney 74 12.40%
3. Tim Pawlenty 73 12.23%
4. Sarah Palin 72 12.06%
5. Mike Pence 71 11.89%
6. Newt Gingrich 40 6.70%
7. Bobby Jindal 28 4.69%
8. Rick Santorum 15 2.51%
9. Ron Paul 13 2.18%
10. Undecided 31 5.19%
11. Other 10 1.68%

This excerpt from the Washington Times explains why Pawlenty may be going out of his way to show off his conservative credentials. "Another big surprise, veteran summit participants said, was Mr. Pawlenty's Friday evening speech, which went over exceptionally well with an audience that knew little about him until he spoke. Mr. Pawlenty, who many religious conservatives said they assumed was a social moderate, given that he is from Minnesota, quoted from the Bible and had much of the audience virtually transfixed and quoting the same passages with him."

"Republicans acknowledge they have a challenge of trying to tap into the energy of their angry base without turning off moderate and independent voters," Roll Call writes.