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DOJ responds to ex-CIA officials

By NBC's Chuck Todd and Ali Weinberg
A Justice Department spokesman sends First Read this response to the letter the ex-CIA leaders have written Obama:


The Attorney General works closely with the men and the women of intelligence  community to keep the American people safe and he does not believe their  commitment to conduct that important work will waver in any way.
 Given the recommendation from the Office of Professional Responsibility as well  as other available information, he believed the appropriate course of action was  to ask John Durham to conduct a preliminary review. That review will be  narrowly-focused and will be conducted by a career prosecutor who has shown an  ability to handle cases involving classified information. Durham has not been  appointed as a special prosecutor; he will be supervised by senior managers at  the Department.
 The Attorney General's decision to order a preliminary review into this matter  was made in line with his duty to examine the facts and to follow the law. As he  has made clear, the Department of Justice will not prosecute anyone who acted in  good faith and within the scope of the legal guidance given by the Office of  Legal Counsel regarding the interrogation of detainees