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GOP watch: Bush warned of Palin?

— A new book by a former White House speechwriter contends that former President George W. Bush warned the party before John McCain picked Sarah Palin. "This woman is being put into a position that she is not even remotely prepared for," Bush said, per Matt Latimer's book, "Speechless: Tales of a White House Survivor." "She hasn't spent one day on the national level. Neither has her family. Let's wait and see how she looks five days out."
More: On Joe Biden: "'If bulls*** was currency, Joe Biden would be a billionaire.'" On Hillary Clinton: "'Wait till her fat keister is sitting at this desk." On Obama: "This is a dangerous world, and this cat [Obama] isn't remotely qualified to handle it. This guy has no clue, I promise you."
National Review's Corner blog writes that Dana Perino questions the accuracy of the book. For one thing, she writes, "I don't think he's [that is, President Bush] ever even said the word 'keister.' C'mon."