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Joe Wilson speaks

From NBC's Luke Russert and Mark Murray
In his first comments to reporters since he yelled out "You lie" to President Obama last night, embattled GOP Rep. Joe Wilson admitted that his outburst was wrong.

"Last night, I spoke to the leadership, and they wanted me to contact the White House and say that my statements were inappropriate. And I did," Wilson said at an impromptu press conference outside his congressional office. "I am very grateful that the White House in talking with them, they indicated that they appreciated the call and that we needed to have a civil discussion on the health-care issues."

Obama accepted Wilson's apology in remarks he made while huddling with his cabinet at the White House.

In his press conference on Capitol Hill, Wilson went on to say, "I am happy to discuss the health-care issues, in particular on the issue which I think is very important -- whether the bills cover illegal aliens or not. I was aware that there were two different amendments on the bills that provided for verification for persons having citizenship."

He continued, "We need to be discussing specifically to help the American people and that would not include illegal aliens."

However, independent fact-checking organizations like PolitiFact and Factcheck.org maintain that illegal immigrants would not benefit from the legislation moving through Congress.  and

When asked whether or not his comments were premeditated, Wilson responded: "I will tell you this, it was spontaneous, it was when he stated as he did about not covering illegal aliens."