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2009/2010: Dodd's calculation

CONNECTICUT: "In the end, Dodd chose to remain at the helm of the Banking Committee in hopes that he can steer a troubled sector in the right direction and move the focus away from his personal and political problems of the last year," The Hill writes. "Dodd has said that if he takes care of business at his job, the politics would take care of itself."

MASSACHUSETTS: The Democrats' 60th Senate vote, which could come via appointment in Massachusetts, is still an elusive target. The state's OTHER senator, John Kerry, testified before a committee hearing in the state legislature to make his case, using the need for a 60th vote in the current debate on health care.

NEW JERSEY: The Star Ledger: "Christie renewed his attacks on Gov. Jon Corzine, criticizing the incumbent's history on Wall Street and chiding what he called Corzine "lobbying" to help Enron deceive its investors." These accusations come as Christie "portrays himself as a non-Wall Street regular "Jersey guy" -- a Trenton outsider." Christie, however, was a "registered Statehouse lobbyist" before becoming U.S. Attorney, "who at times even worked to further positions at odds with what he now espouses on the campaign trail," lobbying for, among others, the Securities Industry Association, a Wall Street trade organization. Christie deflected questions about his own record yesterday, saying Corzine is "'selective' about his own history: "I guess he thinks everybody in New Jersey has amnesia about what he's been doing over the years."

NORTH CAROLINA: The DSCC gets its third (or is it 4th?) choice in finding a credible challenger to GOP Sen. Richard Burr. The good news for them, the candidate, Elaine Marshall, is best known for her victory over NASCAR legend Richard Petty.

VIRGINIA: Democratic gubernatorial nominee Creigh Deeds will release another TV ad today, "pegged to Republican Bob McDonnell's controversial graduate school thesis." In the ad, to run in the Richmond-to-Hampton Roads corridor and Northern Virginia, a narrator says of McDonnell, "He claims his campaign is about jobs. But the news media call Bob McDonnell a "culture warrior," imposing his social agenda on us."