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2009/2010: A crowded field in MA

MASSACHUSETTS: The Dem primary field gets more crowded; that only helps Martha Coakley, by the way. Meanwhile, one of the characters of MA politics, Christy Mihos, is pondering a GOP run. The only major player left on the Dem side we haven't heard from: Nikki Tsongas.

State Treasurer Tim Cahill is running for governor as an independent. Though he's a longtime Democrat, he switched this summer.

NEW JERSEY: The Corzine camp yesterday unveiled a new TV ad on the economy. "Only one candidate can lead us through these tough times," the ad goes. "Jon Corzine created the nation's first economic recovery plan. It's beginning to work. Thousands of new private sector jobs – bucking the national trend… But Chris Christie's so partisan he'd reject President Obama's stimulus funds – driving up property taxes $2 billion. Chris Christie - the same Bush policies that got us into this mess."

VIRGINIA: The latest hit perhaps undermining Bob McDonnell's efforts to run as a moderate. The Washington Post reports on comments he made back in 2003, when he told "one newspaper that 'certain homosexual conduct' could disqualify a person from being a judge because it violates the state's crimes against nature law."  

More: "McDonnell said in an interview last week that the episode has nothing to do with his campaign for governor. 'It is 100 percent irrelevant in this race,' he said. 'What's relevant in this race is what the records of the candidates are on issues that the voters care about and, number two, who's got the best ideas to be able to create jobs and build infrastructure and build a better Virginia. That's what's relevant.'"  

McDonnell released a campaign ad yesterday that will run in Northern Virginia. Called "Leadership," the ad is positive and features McDonnell's family.

Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, who is widely viewed as exploring a 2012 presidential bid, will campaign Wednesday in Richmond for Bob McDonnell. Pawlenty campaigned in New Jersey with Republican nominee Chris Christie last week. Other governors who have stumped for McDonnell so far include Louisiana's Bobby Jindal, Mississippi's Haley Barbour, and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.