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2009/2010: Thank you, thank you

"Organizing for America, the offshoot of President Barack Obama's campaign that now resides within the Democratic National Committee, will run advertisements in four districts thanking Democrats for backing the stimulus package," The Hill reports. "The ads will run beginning Friday on local cable channels aimed at constituents of Reps. Ben Chandler (D-Ky.), Martin Heinrich (D-N.M.), Travis Childers (D-Miss.) and Zack Space (D-Ohio). Heinrich, Childers and Space all have prominent Republican candidates running against them." 
NEVADA: "Nevada Republican Party Chairwoman Sue Lowden announced Wednesday she would step down from her post in order to explore a challenge to Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.)… Lowden would begin the race against Reid in a strong position. A survey for the Las Vegas Review-Journal, conducted Aug. 17-18 by Mason-Dixon Polling and Research, showed Lowden leading Reid by a 45 percent to 40 percent margin. But she will have to get through a competitive primary first. The same poll showed Lowden losing to Danny Tarkanian, a businessman who ran for secretary of state in 2006, by a 33 percent to 14 percent margin. Tarkanian, son of former UNLV basketball coach Jerry Tarkanian, leads Reid by a 49 percent to 38 percent margin." 
NEW JERSEY: Adding to Republican gubernatorial nominee Chris Christie's vehicular woes today is news that he was in a traffic accident that injured a motorcyclist in 2002. Christie was on his way to a swearing-in ceremony for a local official when he lost his way and hit the cyclist. "Both men saw another and put on the brakes, police said. Christie's vehicle came to a stop, and the motorcycle 'then fell on its side and slid into his vehicle." Police Director James Cosgrove said Christie identified himself as U.S. attorney and did not receive a ticket for the accident. "Asked whether Christie's job title factored into the officer's decision, Cosgrove said, 'I don't think I want to make that kind of deduction, but I think the facts speak for themselves.'" 
Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty stopped in New Jersey yesterday to raise money for Chris Christie, and said he sympathized with Christie as a Republican campaigning in a left-leaning state. Pawlenty's visit comes even as Christie "rejected a hypothetical visit from Sarah Palin, saying he wanted to focus on local issues," in July. He also rejected an invitation to visit former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum last month. "But Christie said Pawlenty is different, since he inherited a dire fiscal situation in Minnesota, which faced a $4.5 billion deficit when he took office."  
VIRGINIA: Democratic nominee Creigh Deeds' campaign launched a Web site, www.BobMcDonnellBlueprint.com, on which voters can read parts of Republican nominee Bob McDonnell's 20-year-old masters' dissertation while he studied at CBN University (now Regent). In bullet points, the site lays out the most controversial issues of the paper:, including "working women and feminists" are "detrimental to the family," and "child care does 'psychological, physical and moral harm to children."

The New York Times has this to say about McDonnell's insistence that his views have changed since his thesis was publicized: "We'll let Virginia voters sort out whether Mr. McDonnell has moderated since his start-up days as a conservative firebrand. He's got trouble on both sides, since it's unclear whether the state's potent conservative base will warm to his claims of political growth. For now, it's fascinating to watch any flicker of Republican moderation -- pragmatic, realistic, contrived. The party and the nation could certainly use it." 

Meanwhile, McDonnell has a new TV ad highlighting his daughter's service in Iraq.