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The Supreme Court and change

From NBC's Pete Williams
In interviews with C-SPAN, several U.S. Supreme Court justices say whenever a new member comes on the court, its entire chemistry is altered. 

C-SPAN did the interviews earlier this year and made the tape available today to coincide with the arrival next week of Sonia Sotomayor.

Both Chief Justice John Roberts and Clarence Thomas say getting a new justice is like living through a change in a family. "You quickly get to view the court as composed of these members, and it becomes kind of hard to think of it as involving anyone else," Roberts says.

Justice Anthony Kennedy says changes are "stressful for us, because we so admire our colleagues. We wonder, oh, will it ever be the same?"

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and retired Justice Sandra Day O'Connor say one difference for a woman is finding a suitable judicial robe. Most are made for men, designed with a v-neck to show a little shirt and tie. Women struggle to find robes with collars, they both said.