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GOP piles on Pelosi, Rangel

From NBC's Mark Murray
The Republican Party is really trying to box in Speaker Nancy Pelosi regarding the ethics investigation into Ways and Means Chairman Charlie Rangel. As NBC's Lisa Myers reported, Pelosi and Dem leaders aren't going to make any decision about Rangel's chairmanship until the Ethics Committee has finished its investigation.

"After numerous empty campaign promises to 'drain the swamp' of ethical misconduct in Washington, Nancy Pelosi continues go back on her word and endorse a tax cheat who has effectively become the Bernie Madoff of the United States Congress," said National Republican Congressional Committee spokesman Ken Spain. "In the midst of a severe recession combined with budget deficits that have reached astronomical levels, one would think Democrats would be calling for the removal of tax-cheat Charlie Rangel from his perch atop the powerful Ways and Means Committee. If the head of the tax-writing committee cannot manage his own finances, how serious can Democrats possibly be about keeping the nation's fiscal house in order? By the looks of the federal balance sheet, they aren't."