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Congress: More town halls

Barney Frank was the latest to experience the rowdy town hall. "Frank, who chairs the House Financial Services Committee, sought to assure more than 500 people attending a rowdy town hall-style meeting in a Southeastern Massachusetts senior center that the average taxpayer would not be hurt by plans currently under consideration in Congress," the Boston Globe writes. "Frank said some money could come from a tax hike on people making more than $325,000 a year and clamping down on foreign tax havens used by companies operating in the country."

The New York Times profiles Max Baucus. "After speaking at a preventive-care conference here last week, he was swarmed by protesters. Or, in Mr. Baucus's words, 'agitators, whose sole goal was to intimidate, disrupt and not let any meaningful conversation go on.' There were a couple of people in the crowd 'with YouTubes,' Mr. Baucus added (meaning cameras), and he posited that the agitators were paid and probably from out of state. ('I could just sense it,' he said.)"