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GOP watch: Huck in Israel

Guess where Mike Huckabee is this week: Iowa? New Hampshire? Try Israel and he's showing a split with the Obama admin on settlements.

Just asking, but who's the lobbying group here? House Minority Leader John Boehner wrote a letter to the head of PhRMA chastising the former congressman who runs the group has having "bowed to bullying by Democrats and sold out its members and the public." Boehner wrote to Billy Tauzin, "Appeasement rarely works as a conflict resolution strategy…  When a bully asks for your lunch money, you may have no choice but to fork it over. But cutting a deal with the bully is a different story, particularly if the 'deal' means helping him steal others' money as the price of protecting your own." 
Jenny Sanford gave an interview to Vogue. And she says she's forgiven her husband. She also partly blamed the inflated egos politics creates in politicians. "Politicians become disconnected from the way everyone else lives in the world," she said. "I saw that from the very beginning. They'll say they need something, and 10 people want to give it to them. It's an ego boost, and it's easy to drink your own Kool-Aid." 
"Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) credited town hall protesters on Monday with having 'awakened' Americans to a contentious health care debate. 'That is a great thing,' Corker said of the conservative energy demonstrated in recent town halls opposing President Barack Obama's plan for a health care overhaul during a town hall of his own at Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee." 
Eric Cantor held a job fair and attacked the stimulus.