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Congress: Profiling Snowe

The Boston Globe profiles Maine Sen. Olympia Snowe (R) and her pivotal role in trying to get health reform passed. She has not been subject to the rowdy town halls. In fact, the Globe writes, "Mainers are treating their popular senior senator with characteristic Yankee restraint. Public meetings are respectful, protesters virtually absent. Special-interest groups on the right and the left that have helped organize mass protests elsewhere are treating Snowe gingerly. Even President Obama mentioned how much he likes her at a town hall meeting he held in Portsmouth, N.H. - just close enough to Maine to get her attention without seeming too aggressive. No one, it seems, wants to risk offending the slight, genial senator who is one of the most influential voices in the Senate in deciding whether a health overhaul bill passes." 

*** Apologies to posting that profile was of Susan Collins, not Olympia Snowe ***
The AP has a Q and A with Sen. Kent Conrad on co-ops. Conrad proposed the idea, which appears to be gaining steam again in the Senate. AP: "Interest groups disagree on whether such co-ops would have enough negotiating clout to help consumers without threatening private insurance companies."

Roll Call looks at the pressure Blue Dogs are facing. They are confronted by constituents and having to dispel rabid rumors. "I've read the bill and it does not in any way promote euthanasia," Rep. Kathy Dahlkemper (Pa.) told constituents. "It gives you the ability to sit down with your doctor and talk about end-of-life issues such as will-writing and hospice care, and the doctor will be reimbursed. Before, they weren't reimbursed for that." 
Roll Call also unveils its retirement list.