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Team KBH: We don't need crossovers

From NBC's Mark Murray and Chuck Todd
Earlier this morning in First Thoughts, we wrote that the more moderate Texas Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison is depending on crossover Democratic support to defeat incumbent Gov. Rick Perry (R) in their gubernatorial primary race.

But Todd Harris, a GOP strategist working for Team KBH, pushes back on the idea they need these crossovers to win the Republican primary. "The beginning, middle, and end of our strategy is to appeal to every GOP voter in Texas by talking about Kay's conservative record and Rick Perry's history of increasing taxes and growing state government," he emails First Read. "If there is going to be a Democrat crossover vote, it will probably be for Perry because of his liberal record on taxes, spending and increasing the size, scope and reach of government."

Harris adds, "Besides, Perry has a lot of Democrat friends left over from his days as Texas Chairman of Al Gore's presidential campaign."

So it begins in the Lone Star State...