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More men with guns at Obama event

From NBC's Scott Foster
In a situation similar to last week in Portsmouth, N.H., cameras caught a protester with a pistol holstered to his leg outside of today's event with the president.

Police on the scene were standing right next to the gentleman and were keeping a close eye on him. He's well behind a security barrier outside the convention center in a crowd of protesters.

A second man, who appeared to be interviewing some of the protesters, also had a pistol strapped to his leg. He was also being watched by police.

To reiterate, there appears to be NO CAUSE FOR SERIOUS CONCERN from local authorities on scene.

*** UPDATE *** After reading our post, the Brady Campaign's President Paul Helmke issued the following statement:

Bringing loaded firearms to any Presidential event endangers all in attendance. Even though our weak national and state gun laws may allow this dangerous behavior, we should use a little common sense. Individuals carrying loaded weapons at these events require constant attention from police and Secret Service officers, thus stretching their protective efforts even thinner. The possibility that these weapons might be grabbed or stolen or accidently mishandled increases the risks of serious injury or death to all in attendance.

The National Rifle Association and other 'gun rights' groups need to send a message about 'gun responsibilities' to their members and all gun owners. Loaded weapons at political forums endanger all involved, distract law enforcement, and end up stifling debate. Presidential protesters need to leave their firearms at homeĀ -- no exceptions."