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Hillary dodges question on outburst

From NBC's Andrea Mitchell and Mark Murray
In Monrovia, Liberia today, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was asked by a New York Times correspondent about her well-publicized reaction to a question she thought she was getting on husband Bill Clinton's views on a policy matter.

But she gave a NON-answer.

Question from the NYT reporter: "Can you reflect on what you have accomplished, and how you measure that. And then the second part of my question is connected, and maybe I'm asking it at my own peril, but I'd like to bring you back to the comments you made in Congo, 'My husband is not the secretary of state, I am,' that has gotten more attention than anything else you've said here. What was going through your mind when you said it, and do you regret it?"

Here was Clinton's full answer: "Well, first of all, let me say that this has been an absolutely wonderful trip. I'm grateful to all of the countries that received me and my delegation. This was a very important trip that both President Obama and I wanted to make early in the administration -- to send a very clear message that the Obama administration is committed to developing an even stronger and closer relationship with not just the governments but also the people of Africa. We are near the end of this trip and it is only appropriate to be here in Liberia, where our relationship goes back so many years. And at every stop we have emphasized the importance of fulfilling what President Obama said in his historic speech in Ghana, the future of Africa is up to the Africans, just like the future of Liberia is up to the Liberians. But all of us know that given the conflicts and the challenges that have often prevented the African people from realizing their full potential, the U.S. stands ready to be a partner and a friend in helping to overcome the obstacles and create the environment for the kind of development that President Sirleaf is working on so hard here.

She continued: "So I've had a great time on this trip. I opened this newspaper, and I think it looks like she's having a great time and from my perspective the most important part of this trip are the relationships that we have built, the commitments that we have discussed, the problems that we have honestly explored. We have not shied away from raising the difficult problems that exist and stand in the way of the people of Africa realizing their potential. Uh, and I think that will stand the test of time, and I'm very proud of the trip that we have made together."

Meanwhile, when the New York reporters asked Bill Clinton about his wife's reaction from earlier this week, he replied, "I haven't seen it," the New York Post reports. (Hat tip: JMart.)