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Context on Specter's town hall

From NBC's Domenico Montanaro
For some context on the Arlen Specter's lively Pennsylvania town hall that we are seeing live on MSNBC, it is taking place in Lebanon County, a solidly Republican County in a Democratic state.

Lebanon County, in Central-Eastern Pennsylvania, voted overwhelmingly for John McCain in 2008, 59%-40% -- despite Barack Obama winning the state overall 54%-44% -- the highest percentage achieved by a Democrat in Pennsylvania since LBJ in 1964. Going all the way back to 1960, this county has never voted for a Democrat.

The county does fall in the 17th congressional district, which is represented by DEMOCRAT Tim Holden, who was elected in 1992. 
Some Lebanon history as GOP county:
In 2004, it voted 67%-33% for Bush.
In 2000, it voted 62%-35% for Bush.
In 1996, it voted 54%-35% for Dole.
In 1992, it voted 50%-21% for Bush.
In 1988, it voted 67%-33% for Bush.
In 1984, it voted 72%-28% for Reagan.
In 1980, it voted 69%-23% for Reagan.
In 1976, it voted 63%-35% for Ford.
In 1972, it voted 77%-21% for Nixon.
In 1968, it voted 64%-28% for Nixon.
In 1964, it voted 53%-47% for Goldwater.
In 1960, it voted 68%-32% for Nixon.