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2009/2010: Deeds and abortion

NEVADA: Get that man a towel to chew on! "Danny Tarkanian, the son of famed University of Nevada Las Vegas former basketball coach Jerry Tarkanian, on Monday will become the latest Republican to formally launch a 2010 challenge to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.). ... This is not Tarkanian's first run for political office. In 2006, he lost a bid for Nevada secretary of state. He ran for state Senate in 2004 and lost but then filed a civil defamation lawsuit against his opponent. The suit was just recently settled when his opponent, state Sen. Mike Schneider (D), agreed to pay Tarkanian $150,000 in damages."

NEW JERSEY: Star-Ledger columnist George Amick writes of the Democratic ticket: "One could even argue it is upside down," and that the second-in-command candidate Loretta Weinberg is "better equipped to head" the office than Corzine. Unlike Corzine, who had "zero experience in state or local office" before becoming governor in 2006, Weinberg "served 15 years in county and municipal government."  
PENNSYLVANIA: Joe Sestak running for Senate leaves open his PA-7 seat, and now Republicans appear to have gotten a top recruit to run for it. "Former U.S. Attorney Patrick Meehan (R), who was running for governor of Pennsylvania in 2010, has begun making calls and telling supporters that he will run for the open 7th district seat instead, according to a GOP source in the Keystone State," Roll Call reports.

VIRGINIA: So how bad are Creigh Deeds' numbers with women and in Northern Virginia? If he's going on a week-long tour to tout his position on abortion, the numbers must be VERY bad. The Washington Post: "Deeds's appeal is directed at moderate suburbanites in Northern Virginia and elsewhere who might be turned off by McDonnell's views. It's also an attempt to rally support from Democrats who have joined Virginia's electorate in recent years but who might be ambivalent about Deeds because of his relatively conservative positions on guns and other issues."

Our question: Is abortion the right issue to try and create a wedge? Do casual voters in Northern Virginia really think abortion rights will get overturned now that Democrats control Congress and the White House? This appears to be the opposite strategy of Virginia Dems in recent elections which was to avoid some of these red-hot culture war issues.

Meanwhile, GOP candidate Bob McDonnell was chosen by House minority leader John Boehner to give the Republican response to President Obama's weekly radio address on Saturday, which "raises his profile just two days after Obama appeared in McLean to campaign for" McDonnell's opponent Creigh Deeds. McDonnell criticized Obama's health-care plan, as well as "card-check" legislation, which would allow unions to forgo a secret ballot. The legislation is "another federal issue he has been trying to link to Deeds," who "says the issue is federal, not a state one." 
Me and My RV: Like his opponent before him, McDonnell embarked on a statewide RV tour on Saturday. Called "New Jobs, More Opportunities," McDonnell will visit the five major regions in Virginia, ending at a Labor Day on September 7. While Deeds' RV for his "Deeds Country" tour had "campaign yard signs hand-taped to the sides," it seems as if "McDonnell's campaign has had their RV professionally "wrapped" in campaign wallpaper," resembling "logos that are printed on the side of city buses or commercial trucks." "Indicative of a difference in spending priorities? Political savvy? Or is this just over-analyzing minutiae?"