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Steele blasts Obama's first 200 days

From NBC's Matthew Samuels and Alex Beinstein
RNC Chairman Michael Steele

berated President Obama about the economy, health care and cap-and-trade in an afternoon conference call with reporters.

In response to the Obama administration's claims that it has rescued the economy from the brink, Steele said, "I quite frankly do not know what they have saved it from. …We're still losing jobs, seeing unemployment up throughout the country … 2.5 millions jobs lost since Obama entered office."

Steele insisted that the stock market has climbed of late -- in spite of the government's efforts.

"The stock market is speaking about the economy," Steele said. "No health care by July 31st, cap-and-trade imploding, markets are doing what they are supposed to do -- heal thyself. More and more people are looking at the market as the solution, not the government."

On health care, he rhetorically asked, "When you can't figure out the right prescriptions for the country, how can you literally prescribe the medicine?" He added, "Chaos will ensue if this health-care plan is passed. It's no way to run a country...The administration should slow this boat down, doc it, and listen to the American people."

He took a few shots at Obama on the foreign-policy front as well.

"I still don't understand Gitmo," Steele said. "There's no plan of action. We'll just put them in Kentucky, Illinois and North Carolina without asking their state leaders."

On North Korea: "I applaud the two women coming home, but there's more than meets the eye. We need to know more."

He didn't say what more needed to be known or what more there might be than meets the eye.

"Each 100 days get scarier and scarier," Steele said. "I'm even more scared for the next 100."