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What did you do on your Aug. recess?

From NBC's Domenico Montanaro
Rep. Keith Ellison

(D-MN) is spending his August recess in Africa. He went to Kenya and spent today in Sudan. And how did we know about it? Leave it to Twitter.

Here are a sampling of his Tweets:

In prep for Sudan trip, met with US Envoy Scott Gration. He recommends removing Sudan from "state sponsor of terrorism" list. Thoughts?

Going to bed now. Tomorrow: Darfur. To talk with oppo leaders, relief workers, regular Darfurians.

Khartoum: Gov't officials said ICC indictment of Bashir is counter to Darfurian cause b/ weakens gov'ts ability to deliver services.

Khartoum: Walked out of 2d mtg & ran straight into Pres. Omar Bashir. He has been indicted by the Inter'l Crim. Ct. (ICC) for war crimes.

Khartoum: Had 3 mtgs, one w/ Sudan VP Ali Osman Taha. All argued sanctions & sponsor-of- terror list inappropriate. Talked Human Rights.

4 years ago #Sudan's gov't & SPLM (north & south) signed comprehensive peace agreement (CPA), ending Africa's longest civil war. 2M died.