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How Obama celebrated his birthday

From NBC's Athena Jones

As you might have heard, President Obama turns 48 today.

But according to White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, Obama celebrated it over the weekend with family and friends at Camp David.

Friends from Hawaii and Chicago joined the Obama family at the retreat. They played basketball, they bowled, and they played pool.

Gibbs said, "I think he had a lot of fun over the weekend, despite some people not believing he bowled a 144."

(You may remember that then-Sen. Obama didn't have a resounding success when he bowled leading up to the Pennsylvania primary.)

*** UPDATE *** In other birthday news... Obama came into the briefing room at about 2:05 pm ET to delivers cupcakes to veteran White House reporter Helen Thomas, who turned 89 today.

Obama, who posed for a picture with Thomas, said he would leave it up to her how she wants to distribute the cupcakes