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Gitmo: Not in Kansas anymore?

From NBC's Matthew Samuels
Not in my backyard. That was the message from Kansas and Michigan Republicans about the possibility of Guantanamo inmates moving to Fort Leavenworth in Kansas or the Standish state prison in northeastern Michigan.

"Leavenworth is not suitable for the 100 most dangerous terrorists in the world," Sen. Pat Roberts (R-KS) said on a conference call with reporters, hosted by the Republican National Committee. "Not in Kansas, not in my backyard.

"I am going to do everything I can to block this, even if it means shutting down the Senate."

Standish is in Michigan's first congressional district, represented by Democrat Bart Stupak. But Mike Rogers, who represents Michigan's eighth congressional district, expressed his outrage on the call for the possibility of moving the inmates to his state.

"These are people who are highly trained and motivated to commit jihad and murder," Rogers said. "No amount of money can be thrown at these states that will make this safe and acceptable.

He continued, "Come to Michigan, the state that holds the world's most dangerous terrorists; this is not a great selling point."

"It is not a shock to me that even the Saudis would say absolutely not; we don't want them," Rogers said of Saudi Arabia declining to take inmates.

Both Roberts and Rogers did, however, speak of their willingness to help President Obama find an alternative option -- just not in their backyards.

"I hope that President Obama will sit down and work on this with us," Roberts said.