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Sotomayor: Baucus undecided?

— So Max Baucus

says he has "no idea" how he'll vote on Sotomayor? This comes after liberals have been frustrated by his work on health care. "I have no idea," Baucus said, per The Hill. "I haven't paid any attention and I haven't announced… I've been so busy with healthcare. It's under consideration. I'll certainly know when I vote, but right now I can't tell you."

By the way, The Hill points out: "Baucus had an A rating from the NRA in 2008, as did two other Senate Democrats who ran last year: Tim Johnson of South Dakota and Mark Warner of Virginia." Johnson, Warner and Montana Democrat Jon Tester have said they both intend to support Sotomayor. And even Republican Lamar Alexander said yesterday he'd support her -- despite his A rating from the NRA. The National Rifle Association, which opposes Sotomayor, has vowed to make the vote part of its ratings system this year. 
Debate on her confirmation may begin Tuesday, Roll Call reports.