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GOP and South vs. rest of the U.S.

From NBC's Mark Murray
If this isn't the most striking example of the sharp divide between the Republican base and South versus the rest of the country, I don't know what is.

Video: Rachel Maddow wraps up the Birther conspiracy.

According to a Research 2000/DailyKos poll, eight in 10 Americans believe President Obama was born in the United States. But among Republicans, 28% of them say he WASN'T born in the country and another 30% say they're not sure. (By comparison, 93% of Democrats and 83% of independents say Obama was born in the U.S.A.)

Also, 23% of Southerners don't believe he was born here, and an extra 30% aren't sure. (On the other hand, 93% of those living in the Northeast, 90% from the Midwest, and 87% from the West believe he was born in this country.)