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2009/2010: KBH to resign in the fall

MASSACHUSETTS: "Republican Charles D. Baker Jr. officially entered the governor's race yesterday, filing his paperwork with the state and then swiftly launching into an attack on Governor Deval Patrick's handling of the budget and economy," The Boston Globe writes. "Baker immediately pledged not to raise taxes and said he would try to repeal the recent increase in the state sales tax, which will go from 5 percent to 6.25 percent Saturday, if he is elected. 'I'm a no-new-taxes candidate,' he said, adding later for the television cameras: 'Yeah, read my lips: No new taxes.'"

NEW JERSEY: "Within hours" of New Jersey's corruption round-up last week, "word was circulating that Jon Corzine wasn't long for the governor's race." Rumor had it that Corzine would pull the old bait and switch, much like Democratic senatorial candidate Robert Torricelli did in 2002. "Overwhelmed by questions about his relationship with a shady contributor, his party gave him the hook in favor of the tried-and-true Frank Lautenberg." The New York Observer, however, predicts Corzine won't pull a Torricelli, as Democrats  don't have the same "leverage they enjoyed" with the wealthy Corzine, who "tends to believe he's far more popular -- and far more skilled at communicating with the public -- than he actually is."

Stu Rothenberg, writing in Roll Call, has this headline: "You Have 4 Months To Learn to Say 'Gov. Chris Christie'" -- unless Corzine bows out, which it doesn't look like he will. Rep. Frank Pallone and Newark Mayor Cory Booker have expressed interest in replacing Corzine, but he isn't beholden to the state party system, since he has been self-financed.

TEXAS: Kay Bailey "Hutchison said for the first time Wednesday that she would resign "sometime" around October or November -- a decision that would pave the way for a much-anticipated May [2010] special election. She said she was resigning because her 'heart is in Texas,' but also emphasized that her primary opponent has forced her hand by running for an unprecedented third term. Asked why she wouldn't stay in the Senate while she runs, Hutchison said it was all about Perry. 'I just can't, as long as Gov. Perry's in the race,' she told a Dallas-Fort Worth radio station. 'No one expected him to run again.'"