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GOP watch: T-Paw's shot at Romney?

In a letter to his congressional delegation, Tim Pawlenty took a shot at Massachusetts' health-care program, "an implicit attack on the Bay State's former governor, Mitt Romney (R)," The Hill notes. He wants the focus on cost, not expansion. Pawlenty is slated to speak at the RNC meeting tomorrow.

Video: Countdown looks back at Sarah Palin's brief stint at the center of U.S. politics.

Meanwhile, Maureen Dowd writes that Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin have reversed roles. "The Alaskan who shot to stardom a year ago as the tough embodiment of Diana the Huntress has now stepped down as governor and morphed into what the Republicans always caricatured Hillary as — preachy, screechy and angry. And Hillary, who is at long last in a job that she earned on her own merits, has lost that irritating question mark she used to carry around above her head like a thunder cloud: What is Hillary owed because of what she gave up, and went through, for Bill?"